X3DOM Plugins


I worked on the creation of x3dom-based tools for mesh data visualization and analysis. I wanted to create new DOM nodes that integrate nicely in a standard x3dom tree, namely iso-color, threshold, clip-plane.

I had two goals in mind:

  1. create an x3dom plugin API that allows one to create new DOM nodes which extend x3dom functionality;
  2. keep a simple x3dom-like interface for the final users.

For a detailed technical explanation take a look at the GitHub repository.


Following example illustrates the usage of such plugins. The relevant markup looks like:

  <Coordinate point="...">  </Coordinate>
  <Normal vector="...">  </Normal>
     upperBound="1" lowerBound="0" dataName="triSetData" > </Threshold>
     max="1" min="0" dataName="triSetData" > </IsoColor>
     name="triSetData" numComponents="1" value="..."> </FloatVertexAttribute>
     name="other_set_of_data" numComponents="1" value="..."> </FloatVertexAttribute>

The Threshold and IsoColor nodes work like any x3dom node: they react to any attribute change using DOM's node setAttribute method. This makes it easy to use HTML widgets like sliders / buttons to drive the plugin's parameters.

Authors and Contributors

This project was a prototype created by @YuanxiangFranck for Logilab. This work is a part of the Open Dream Kit project.